Aug 3, 2016

Mark 11:22 Card For Word Art Wednesday #242-243

Hi, Y'all! 
I'm back again to share my latest Word Art Wednesday design with you.  I'll be honest with you, I haven't really thought that much on this verse.  The reason being that I just put this card together this morning.  ( I'm writing this Tuesday evening to post for Wednesday) But as I now sit here writing this post, the verse is really hitting me hard. 
This verse for this week is Mark 11:22.  Here is what I hurriedly put together this morning. 

Misty D. Designs

"Have Faith", that's a phrase that gets thrown around a lot.  But faith is only as good as the object of that faith.  When I hear people say "have faith" I want to ask them, "faith in what"?".  Jesus gives us the answer in this verse, Have faith in God.  Not just any god, but the one true God who created the universe and holds my very life in His hand.  That is a faith worth having, not because of my faith, but because of the object of my faith.  
With that being said, I'm definitely being challenged and reminded to "have faith" in this particular season of my life. 

Misty D. Designs

You see, this upcoming school year is going to be full changes for me.  I'm will no longer be homeschooling my children, which means an all new way of life for me in a sense.  My oldest will be leaving for college in 2wks. I'm going to miss him so much.  My daughter will be entering high school and I'll be working at her school a few days a week. This will be my first time working outside the home in nearly 4yrs.  I'm worried for both of them.  I'm worried about how I'll handle all the new situations that are sure to come my way.  This school year is going to be a huge step out of my comfort zone.  That's the reason this verse is such a good reminder for me.  I don't need to worry, I need to "have faith" in the only one who is really in control of all of this, GOD!  Just writing that gives me peace, because, I mean, God!  He is the great I am!  He is God of all and I know that I can trust Him to go before me in all of this. :)

Misty D. Designs

I kept this card simple by just adding some little wood hearts from Paper Studio and an enamel heart from My Minds Eye.  The paper I used is also from the Paper Studio mint to be fab line. 
If you'd like to join in the challenge over at Word Art Wednesday we would love to see your creations.  The challenge is "anything goes".  You do not have to use the word art, although we love it when you do. :) 
I'd like to say, Thank you to every one of you who take the time to stop by my blog and for all of your support in what I'm doing here.