Oct 3, 2011

DIY necklace hanger.

Recently I've been dealing with a problem, nothing of drastic proportions, but a problem none the less. Every necklace that I own is hanging from the door knob of my closet. AAAAAH, I've looked at buying a necklace hanger, but haven't found anything that I loved enough to spend the money on. So, I decided to MAKE a necklace hanger. Making it myself would allow me to customize. I love to customize!  If you need a necklace hanger, or would like to make a unique gift, then, give this project a try. :)

Here is what you'll need to get started:
- Any scrap piece of wood that suites your taste.  ( I used a 2x6 that had been left on my porch for the last 3 months)
-A drawer pull, wood or porcelain, or metal. whichever you prefer. ( I used porcelain, I bought them at my local Habitat For Humanity Restore for .50 a piece.)
- Any images that you want to use. ( I used images from the GraphicsFairy)

First I downloaded the dress stand image from the Graphicsfairy.  I opened the image in Microsoft Word and formatted it to a very small size, small enough to fit the size of the drawer pull. Next, I printed the image onto regular ol' computer paper.   I then cut the image out into a circle, and distressed the edges using Studio G chalk ink (pictured).  This ink sells for only $1 at Micheals.

   Next I used Mod Podge to adhere the image to the front of the drawer pull. Allow to dry.  

Sand using a fine 220 grit sand paper, lightly sand down edges of the Mod Podged paper.
Then repeat this process at least 2 more times.... Mod Podge- sand, Mod Podge- sand...
 The more you repeat this process the more that the image appears to be part of the drawer pull.
 It is worth the time.  

In the meantime, while waiting for the Mod Podge to dry on the drawer pulls, I painted my block of wood.

 Any acrylic, or latex paint will do.  I used Kilz cashmere white in satin finish.
 Cover the entire block of wood with paint, allow to dry.

Once the paint is dry, use a course 60-80 grit sand paper to distress the edges and some in the center.
 You could distress the wood as little or as much as you like.

Then I glazed the edges of the wood using Anita's Faux Easy Glaze in Dark Brown.
Just rub the glaze on, then wipe of with a clean cloth, or old piece of t-shirt. If you don't have this glaze,
 you could make your own by adding water to brown paint. Paint the watery solution onto the wood,
then quickly wipe off before the solution dries. It will leave the edges brown.
 Another way to do this is to use a wood stain on the edges.
All three ways will give you slightly different effects.
Try playing around with this to determine what you like best.

Here is the image that I chose for the center of the wood, I downloaded this image from the GraphicsFairy.
 Opened the image in word, then formatted to the size I would need. Printed, then cut out...

and completely covered the back side of the image with pencil. This is called pencil transfer.

Then I taped down the image right side up onto my block, and carefully traced the image with pen. This will leave you with the image transfered onto the block of wood.
Like this.

Now you will have a guide to paint over.  I used Americana acrylic paint for my image.  Once I painted the image, and it had dried, I then lightly sanded the image to give a distressed look to my piece.

Lastly, I adhered the drawer pulls using a construction grade adhesive. This can be found at any home improvement store, and looks like a tube of caulk. 

I can't wait to hang my necklaces from this!  The color and style options are endless. I love making my own home pieces because I have the ability to make it match my home's decor!  I hope have you fun with this project, and make it your own!

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