Feb 14, 2012

Staying Organized

So I thought today I would share with my readers a tip. Something that has been very helpful to me. It's really simple, not anything that's going to knock your socks off. Are you ready for this? Here it is... I keep a list. Yes, you read correctly, I keep a list. 

I printed off this daily organizing template from Lifes a Journal . I tucked it into a plastic page protector, and hung it on my refrigerator. I use a dry erase marker to write my lists, this way I won't need to  print a new chart everyday, just wipe off the page protector and start over. This has been such a huge blessing for me, I'm a very visual person, and being able to look at what I need to do for the day keeps me on track. Also it feels great to check off what I've finished . 
I start by filling out the list the night before, by doing this, I no longer wake up with my mental "to do" list. I'm free to start my day out focusing on my savior rather than everything that needs to be done. I don't have to try and "remember" because I've already put the daily tasks on my list.
I use the "Today's Goals" section of the page to list personal and spiritual goals for the day. I don't list any "to-do's" in this section. For example today's goals were: start with Christ, End with Christ, Show mercy, And mortify the flesh. Doing this gives me a visual reminder of what my ultimate purpose for the day should  be, and what should be foremost in my thoughts for the day. 
I especially like the "hydrate" portion of this chart.  I'm terrible at making sure I get enough water during the day. This serves as a constant reminder every time I go to the kitchen for a drink, to choose water. 
So there you have it, my very simple tip of the day. If you would like to print out your own copy of this chart    click here

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